Lease options.

You’ll always have choices.

Lisa believes in freedom: freedom to choose your terms and payment dates; freedom to upgrade or return; and freedom to select your monthly payment dates.

End-of-lease options



Upgrade or lease different goods early

With this option you could enjoy new or different goods earlier on a new agreement – thanks to your Switch-Point. Simply return the existing goods and apply for an upgrade, or lease entirely different goods on or after your Switch-Point date. That way, you won’t have to wait until your agreement ends to get new goods – plus your remaining payments will be waived.

Naturally, this option is subject to our suitability assessment and credit approval for your new agreement. Also, the waiver of your current agreement is subject to your new goods having a value of $500 or more. Simply check our terms and conditions for details.

To see when your Switch-Point will fall, take a look at the table below.

Term Switch-Point Waiting time saved / goods
12 months 10 months into agreement 2 months / Technology & electrical
18 months 14 months into agreement 4 months / Technology & electrical
24 months 18 months into agreement 6 months / Technology & electrical
36 months 24 months into agreement 12 months / Technology & electrical
48 months 36 months into agreement 12 months / Electrical goods only
60 months 48 months into agreement 12 months / Electrical goods only



Return your goods and end your agreement

No need for the goods anymore? Just return them with their manuals and accessories and pay-out your agreement (if need be) at the end of your lease.

Goods must be returned to a Lisa warehouse partner, at your own expense.


Continue your lease on a monthly basis

Waiting for the latest version release before you upgrade to a new agreement? No worries. Once your current agreement finishes, you can apply for a lease extension on a month to month basis – giving you that ‘wait and see’ flexibility. This is subject to our agreement at the time.