Lisa cares.

Lisa knows what it’s like to lose something. That’s why the goods you lease will be usually protected by our FlexiCare program: your built-in cover against accidental loss, accidental damage or theft.1 So, if a dog chews your leased smartphone, for instance, you won’t have to swallow a massive bill. Other advantages include:

Loaner goods

We’ll keep you running: We can usually supply you in Australia with ‘loaner goods’ which are the same or similar to any laptop, smartphone, tablet or digital camera we repair or replace. You can use these while we attend to repair or replacement. Loaner goods should arrive within 2 business days – depending on where you live.2

Simply ensure you stay up to date with your lease payments and have a registered address with us – otherwise we may not be able to help.

Lost or damaged

If your goods are lost, stolen or damaged, please make sure you:

1. For theft, tell the police within 48 hours.


Victoria In person
Queensland  Visit website 
Western Australia  Visit website
Northern Territory Visit website
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2. For theft, accidental damage or accidental loss, tell us within 14 days.

You can:

- Lodge an event report online, or

- Call us on 1800 225 472. In the case of theft, make sure you have the police incident reference number on hand to give us.



On the odd chance we can’t repair or replace the goods, we may release you from any future monthly lease payments.


Life can throw curve balls at times. That’s where Lisa’s Protect Platinum comes in. If you find yourself unemployed or disabled, we could temporarily waive your payment obligations. And if you become terminally ill, or die – we may release you from your agreement.1

For more details on our FlexiCare program, see our FAQ’s.

Terms & Conditions

Our protection is provided on the basis of our terms and conditions. These include some important exclusions and limitations, and some required procedures and processes. You should check the full terms and conditions.

FlexiCare Excluded Goods

The following goods will be excluded from FlexiCare benefits and will not be eligible for consideration of repair or replacement in the event of accidental damage, accidental loss or theft on lease contracts dated from:

1 May 2019 – Electronic devices that their primary purpose is to ‘fly’ and/or ‘float’ (eg. Drones, remote control planes/helicopters/boats).


Lisa’s FlexiCare Protection, and Protect Platinum are included in your lease. But please be aware that an event processing fee of $110 will be charged each time you ask for your goods to be repaired or replaced.

A separate “loaner goods” administration fee of up to $110 per month could also apply if you keep your loaner goods for more than 21 days without need.

1Subject to terms and conditions and important exclusions and limitations.