Lisa means business.

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Fitting out your business can
be fun.

To a point. Once the gloss has worn off your new equipment, it can become – well – lacklustre. Throw in some breakdowns, regular upgrades, expansion issues and, before you know it, it’s not impressive at all. That’s where leasing can help:

Keep business moving

You could benefit from tax deductions1, better cash flow and no deposit or upfront fees.2 You’ll also have the opportunity to apply for new or different goods at any time.3 To find out more, give us a call.

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Accidents happen

If goods getting accidentally lost, accidentally damaged or stolen gives you nightmares, Lisa’s FlexiCare program should help you sleep. Your goods will usually be protected3 and you could even get ‘loaner goods’ for laptops, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.4

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More reason to relax

You’ll have a range of lease terms and end-of-lease options available – from applying to upgrade5 or switch your goods with a new lease, to returning your goods and ending your agreement.

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Giving old goods new life

Once your lease has finished and you’ve returned your goods to us, we’ll make sure they’ll go on to live a new life. Lisa repurposes and sells your old goods to schools and communities in need around the world.6

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1 Tax deductions may apply for business customers or those using the goods for work-related purposes. See your tax advisor for details. Lisa. does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. 2 Deposit may be required for commercial customers. 3 Subject to terms and conditions and important exclusions and limitations. 4 FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 2 business days subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and request made during business hours. 5 Upgrade subject to approval. A lease payment waiver is available for the original goods if the upgrade and return occurs after the Switch-Point. Terms and conditions apply. 6 Arranged through a third-party provider in accordance with its requirements.

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