Lisa's into education.

Here for the learning journey.

From kindy to uni, learning can get expensive.

Especially when devices can’t quite keep pace with the class. That’s where Lisa can make school and study a little less stressful – from budgeting, to upgrading. Here’s how:

Things happen at school

Crazy things can happen to leased goods – particularly when kids are involved. With Lisa’s FlexiCare program, leased goods can usually be repaired or replaced for accidental loss, accidental damage or theft as part of your agreement.1 You could even get loaner goods for laptops, smartphones, tablets and digital cameras.2

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Continue to live life

Continue to live life: If you’d prefer to keep your cash in the bank, leasing can be an excellent choice – as it will spread out the cost of any new items with affordable monthly payments. Also, with Lisa, you won’t pay any deposit or upfront fees.3

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Freedom to move

What if you decide to change direction with your studies? Not a problem. There’s a number of lease options that won’t box you in – from applying for an upgrade4 and switching to new or different goods, to returning your goods and ending your agreement or continuing to lease with Double Time6.

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Let others dream

Don’t like the thought of wastage? Neither do we. After your lease, Lisa repurposes and sells your old goods to schools and communities in need around the world.5

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1Tax deductions may apply for business customers or those using the goods for work-related purposes. See your tax advisor for details. Lisa. does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. 2Deposit may be required for commercial customers. 3Subject to terms and conditions and important exclusions and limitations. 4FlexiCare Loaner dispatched within 2 business days subject to delivery to all Australian metro areas and request made during business hours. 5Upgrade subject to approval. A lease payment waiver is available for the original goods if the upgrade and return occurs after the Switch-Point. Terms and conditions apply. Arranged through a third-party provider in accordance with its requirements. 6All end of term options, other than return, are subject to our agreement and terms and conditions, and in the case of upgrade, to our internal credit criteria.

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